Jack Guinan

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Gifted writer and cartoonist
increases credibility
as an author

Meet Jack

Jack Guinan is a highly sought-after author, illustrator and cartoonist. His children’s books are praised by book reviewers and librarians for their soothing rhymes, positive themes and fun illustrations.

A multi-talented artist, Jack’s genre-spanning work also includes highly acclaimed personal investing books. Jack’s laugh-out-loud cartoons have appeared worldwide in calendars, greeting cards, newspapers and magazines with King Features Syndicate.

Jack received a Book Excellence Award in 2017 in the children’s inspirational/motivational category for his book, I’m A Lot of Sometimes. This book is an inspiring, playful story about growing up that teaches young ones that no matter where you are at any moment, it’s best to just be YOU.

Challenges as an Author

As a self-published author, Jack found it challenging to gain credibility in the industry.

“Reviewers tend to overlook and dismiss self published titles, no matter how well they’re written and illustrated. Queries for reviews tend to be ignored.”

With a noble goal of using his fun and memorable children’s stories to bring families together, Jack didn’t want his work to go unnoticed.

Like many self-published authors, Jack needed his books to attract attention so he could continue to share his positive and inspiring message.

He wanted his books to gain the recognition they deserved so that his work would stand out in the eyes of both industry professionals and readers alike.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Finalist

Hearing the news that he had received a Book Excellence Award, Jack was:

“Honored. Excited. Energized!”

As an author and illustrator, the Book Excellence Awards honor validated his children’s writing was on the right track.

“It boosted my confidence, excitement and energy to tackle future storytelling.”

As a publisher, the Book Excellence Awards also helped Jack increase his visibility and credibility.

“With a Book Excellence Award honor under my belt, reviewers tended to pay more interest.”

Jack’s Success

Jack’s popular children’s stories with positive life lessons for kids are delightful.

With beautiful, captivating illustrations and cheery rhymes, his books encompass important lessons and themes including friendship, hope and love.

His book, I’m A Lot of Sometimes, released to many positive reviews with Round Table Reviews capturing the essence of the book perfectly:

“The message simply is to embrace yourself, through all your sometimes. Illustrations are perfect. The narrative is easy for a beginning reader. I definitely recommend this one!”

Jack’s cartoons have appeared worldwide in newspapers and magazines, including the New York Daily News, Forbes’ Investopedia, the Motley Fool and Airtran Airways GO magazine.

They’ve been nationally syndicated by King Features the world’s premier distributor of comics, editorial cartoons, puzzles and games, distributing to nearly 5,000 daily, weekly and digital newspapers around the globe, and appear in Jack’s cartoon book Funny Money: A Collection of Cartoons for Your Financial Funny Bone!

To contact Jack, you can visit his website. To purchase his book, visit Amazon.


Jack’s Advice

For authors thinking about applying to the Book Excellence Awards, Jack recommends applying.

“Do it. A Book Excellence Awards honor can put your writing and publishing on a higher trajectory towards success.”

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Increase your credibility, visibility and book sales with a Book Excellence Award.





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