Anthony Paustian

Book Excellence Award Winner

Trailblazing author and educator raises credibility

Meet Anthony

Dr. Anthony Paustian is an award-winning author, speaker, entrepreneur and educator. He is a multi-talented individual, having transitioned from a role in the Air Force to a corporate leader building national brands.

With decades of experience in strategic leadership and planning, Anthony was given an uncommon opportunity in life––to design and build a technology-focused college campus from scratch. Since its opening, the campus has appeared in national media and won numerous awards including being recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative organizations.

Anthony used his expertise and applied it to his book, A Quarter Million Steps, which was named a Book Excellence Award winner in 2017 in the Management category.

Offering a successful blend of business insights and stories from the Apollo Moon Program, the book outlines the many small steps it takes to achieve anything great in life.

With practical tools and actionable strategies, readers will learn how to harness their creativity to generate meaningful innovation and shape new frontiers. Very notably, the foreword of Anthony’s book was written by Apollo 15 astronaut Alfred Worden.

Challenges as an Author

Tasked with the challenge of successfully launching her next book, Diane was looking for a way to set it apart from the rest.

“My biggest challenge in marketing was to gain exposure and stand out from the competition.”

Diane wanted to ensure her book was recognized among the right audiences so she could achieve her goal of making grammar easier to understand in a fun way.

To make her mark in the industry, Diane also knew it was important to increase her credibility as a writing instructor and editor.

To help differentiate herself, Diane turned to book awards. She selected the Book Excellence Awards program for its reputation in the literary world.

“The Book Excellence Awards Program is definitely the most reputable awards program out there.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Diane received the news that she had won a Book Excellence Award, she was filled with enthusiasm.

“Yahoo! I was extremely excited.”

The Book Excellence Awards helped Diane gain the credibility and visibility she was looking for.

“As a winner in the 2018 Book Excellence Awards, I have gained exposure and recognition, which has resulted in more book sales and hype over social media…my book, as well as my author name, have gained a great reputation for excellence in writing.”

Diane Mae Robinson Book Excellence Awards Author

Diane’s Success

Diane’s success as an author is a testament to her ability to find the magic in everyday life, and bring that magic to life in her words.

Many of her books have become best-sellers, with The Dragon Grammar Book catapulting to #1 on Amazon in the Teens/Language Arts category.

The book has also received many five-star, glowing reviews stating:

“With clear examples and fun activities, this book is a must-have for readers and aspiring writers.”

Diane has also been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and blog interviews including the Authors Show, Blog Talk Radio, Women of Wisdom, Kids Lit Reviews, The Write Stuff and more.

A magnetic presenter, Diane has done numerous author presentations for schools, libraries and conferences.

To get in touch with Diane, you can visit her website and social media profiles. To purchase The Dragon Grammar book, visit Amazon.


Diane’s Advice

For authors looking to gain credibility and visibility, Diane highly recommends the Book Excellence Awards program:

“I highly recommend entering the Book Excellence Awards as winning an award with them will highly increase exposure for your book and writing career.”

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Increase your credibility, visibility and book sales with a Book Excellence Award.





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